Magic is in the Air

By Vince Leona,
Magic Mike was a phenomenon! The movie took place in Tampa Florida, and the ladies have been demanding a permanent all male revue show in Tampa. Finally their wishes were answered. MEN the Show, the national touring all male revue show for women is setting up a permanent weekly show in Tampa. The home of Magic Mike finally has their male revue show! The show will feature the sexiest men from Tampa. World famous choreographers who worked with Chippendales and other huge productions put together a new show that is sure to make the ladies scream! It is interesting to look at aftermath of the Magic Mike phenomenon. The movie has grossed over 163 million dollars with 113 million of that being domestically. The thought of male Strippers was taboo for so long, and now finally the ladies are letting their voices be heard! No one expected Magic Mike to be such a huge hit. Obviously it was honing in on something that was missing in the mainstream. In 2012, MEN the Show had their biggest year ever. It is no coincidence that this was the year that Magic Mike was in the theaters. The movie turned Channing Tatum into a sex icon and reminded the ladies why they loved Matthew McConaughey so much. The performance scenes are what stole the show, and that is what the ladies took away from the movie as well. Channing Tatum’s solo performance has been viewed millions of times on YouTube. Channing Tatum is now a house hold name and even admitted that he previously worked as a stripper. Magic Mike has brought the Male Stripper and Male Revue Show into the mainstream. The days of girls not wanting to see guys take it off at their Bachelorette parties are long gone. A revival of sorts has started! Men aren’t afraid to say that they make their living as a male dancer. I talked to some of the guys in the new Tampa MEN the Show (Performs every Saturday at The KENNEDY 2408 W. Kennedy Boulevard-Tampa, Florida 33609) and they told me that there is no greater job in the world. Where else can you perform for hundreds of screaming women and meet so many great girls. If you haven’t been to a male revue show, MEN the Show is worth checking out. There is no better place for your Bachelorette Parties. The theme is fun and the guys deliver!


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